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Refurbishing old kitchen cabinets

Refurbishing old kitchen cabinets

Refurbishing old kitchen cabinets the correct way can mean a lot of savings and satisfaction on the part of the homeowner keen on giving their trusty kitchen cabinets a needed makeover.

A homeowner bent on enhancing or re-designing their kitchen himself doesn’t need to resort to renovating the entire kitchen. 
In many cases, a simple tweaking and refurbishing of the old kitchen cabinets will do the trick. Home improvement stores and manufacturers today make it convenient, easy and affordable for homeowners to carry out do-it-yourself home improvement projects. 

Here are the basic refinishing supplies and products available at the local cabinetry vendor so that refinishing cabinets in the kitchen doesn’t become a cumbersome or impossible task.

Important information to consider before refinishing

Homeowners have to keep in mind that the overall look of their kitchen and the style of their cabinets are important information to consider before refinishing their cabinets. They also have to remember that do-it-yourself home projects in general normally entail diligence and careful preparation.

Refinishing project

With these in mind, it’s wise that people read the label on stains and paints that they will be needing in their kitchen cabinet refinishing project before making any purchases or starting the refinishing process. No one wants to end up with the wrong color palate in their kitchen. 
And no one wants to have to redo their project a second time. Asking for actual color samples at the home improvement store will give a homeowner a good idea of what the finishing might look like on their own kitchen cabinets. 

The different types of finishes, in addition, come in a variety of shades and colors. Some examples are water-based paints, oil-based paints, penetrating oil, varnish or polyurethane, shellac or lacquer, and wax.

Depending on the type 

Depending on the type of product used in the refinishing process, the final finishing touches should be in place after staining or painting the kitchen cabinets.

 A standard polish is the best choice for kitchen cabinets that have been given a stain or wood treatment, for example. If polishing makes the finishing of cabinets more attractive and appealing, waxing, on the other hand, functions as a protective coat that allows kitchen cabinets to last longer and attain durability. 

Choose a brand that fits your budget

Many home improvement product manufacturers offer wax that is suitable for all types of wooden cabinets (e.g. Pine, Birch, Maple, Oak, Alder, Poplar, and Hickory), and homeowners can choose a brand that fits their budget. Refinishing kitchen cabinets culminate with a careful application of a wax that can be achieved by following the instructions on the manufacturer’s label.

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