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Reface Kitchen Cabinets

Reface Kitchen Cabinets

For many homeowners, the choice to reface kitchen cabinets is an alternative to a complete kitchen renovation. The process of refacing cabinets is the perfect way to transform a drab or outdated space into any family’s dream kitchen. Not only is there a significant cost saving, but the project can generally be completed within 5 to 7 days.

Once homeowners make the decision to reface kitchen cabinets, an initial consultation with the contractor is the first fundamental step. Essentially, the refacing process involves replacing the existing cabinet doors and drawer faces with new products that meet the design criteria of the client. By simply replacing these visual elements, the structural framework of the existing kitchen cabinets remains intact. This represents sizable cost savings for the homeowner.

Reface Kitchen Cabinets

Once the homeowner has made a choice in regards to materials and design, the contractor will begin the process of taking all necessary measurements that will be needed to get the project started. Once this critical step has been completed, the contractor can begin to reface kitchen cabinets.

The Cabinet Refacing Process

Once the existing doors, drawer faces, and miscellaneous hardware have been removed, the cabinet framework can be attended to. During this step, any repairs to the framework will be made, the framework itself will be checked for square, and finally, a laminate that matches the new door and drawer style will be carefully applied. When contractors reface kitchen cabinets, this creates a solid foundation for the new products.

When the cabinet framework is ready, the contractor can hang the new doors and install the new drawer faces. This may also include faux doors and drawers that are simply placed as decorative elements.

An important part of the project will be replacing internal hardware that the homeowner generally doesn’t see. This would include concealed hinges, drawers slides, and any other hardware that may need to be replaced. By doing so, the cabinets will not only look brand new, but they will operate the same way. When homeowners reface kitchen cabinets, there should be nothing left to chance.

With the old kitchen cabinets completely refaced, decorative but functional hardware can now be installed. No refacing project would be complete without new door handles and drawer pulls. Unless there is a specific reason why old handles and pulls need to be recycled, they should always be replaced in order to yield a finished product.
From initial consultation to a clean and finished kitchen, this process will generally take somewhere between 5 to 7 days. When compared to a traditional remodel, the time savings takes tremendous pressure off of the homeowner. Not only will the family have their dream kitchen, but they will have it in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

Many homeowners will often include their bathroom cabinets with their kitchen project. Considering that the kitchen and bathroom are generally the two most expensive rooms in a home to remodel, this process offers the perfect solution.

When homeowners reface kitchen cabinets, the results are nothing but amazing.
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