Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How to Refinish Laminate Cabinets

Many people assume that laminate cabinets can not be handed over, but this is far from the truth! No need to replace laminate cabinets because they are old or obsolete. Instead, you can simply refinish them! Clarify, modernize and instantly modify the appearance of your laminate kitchen cabinets, while respecting your budget. It is important to check the correct finish for the laminate cabinets in order to get the best process of possible results. For those at ease with do-it-yourself work practice, there's no need to worry; You can hire a professional contractor and always stay in the budget! Read on for a brief guide to completing laminate kitchen cabinets, and which call for the general contractor's professional job for remodeling the kitchen in your city!

Kitchen cabinets in laminate

If you are determined to renew your kitchen cabinets rolling on your own, then good for you! Consult the guide below to learn about some of the key components and projects for these particular areas. Be sure to prepare the collection of all the supplies and the first necessary tools to perform the job properly. These include:

Paint and paint base (water-based)
Foam rolls
Painter's Ribbon
Sandpaper (240 and 150 sheets of grain)
Old leaves or canvas
Disinfectant spray
Cleaning cloths
Microfiber clothing
Permanent marker
For an even more updated look, you can buy and install new and modern clubs. These are available for a variety of models and prices at any hardware store or home. If a laminate peels or cracks, you will need to be completely replaced. Do not proceed to renew peeling or laminate cabinets cracked. However, if it appears slightly in a corner, you can simply sand the exposed area behind the laminate and stick it back with a waterproof adhesive. Use duct tape to hold it while drying. This works best for small surfaces and corners. Once you have accumulated all the tools and supplies you need, you are ready to start.

Here's how:

First clean all cabinets. Sprinkle with the microfiber cloth to remove the solids, then follow with a cloth carefully with a disinfectant spray. This provides a stronger adhesion primer and ensures a cleaner smooth finish.

With the screwdriver, remove each side of the cabinet and its handle, while keeping track of where everyone is going. Use the permanent marker to label each remember where you replace it later.

Place the cabinet face to tarpaulin, ensuring that the edges remain exposed and accessible. Make sure the tarpaulins cover an area sufficient to protect the paint to the environment.

Use painter's tape to align the inner edges of the sides of the cabinet to avoid paint drops. Take your time in this step to ensure accuracy.

Use sheets of 240-grit sandpaper to manually thread the sides of the cabinet. You can choose to use a laptop portable sander if you are familiar with its operation. Just be sure not to too much sand.

After sanding, use your microfiber cloth to clean residual dust and sanding residue. Do this thoroughly and remove dust as much as possible.

Using your foam roller, apply a coat of water-based paint primer on each side of the cabinet. Allow to dry completely, usually 8 to 12 hours depending on the brand.

Once the primer is applied and completely dry, sand each side of the cabinet again with 150 grit sandpaper. Remove the excess sanding dust with the microfiber cloth later.

Repeat steps 7 and 8.

Once the two coats of primer are applied and dried, it is time to apply the water based paint using their second foam roll of choice. Be sure to use v-shots when applying to promote brands and paint distribution.

Repeat step 10.

Allow the cabinets to dry for at least 72 hours before replacing the fittings and reassembling in the right place. This ensures that the paint has dried and cured completely.
Is it a kind of person tinkering? There is no problem!

You can choose to hire a professional paint contractor rather than approaching this project on our own. If you are not familiar with practical work, and have never painted before, it may be the wisest choice. And you can always stay in an effective budget cost when hiring professionals for the job.


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