Friday, December 9, 2016

5 Refinishing Furniture Without Stripping

The first step in the restoration is cleaning.

If a cabinet is not clean, no amount of wax or oil will make the difference.

Step 1. Wood Cleaner

Clean the furniture with a good wood cleaner, I used the Murphy oil soap often with a fine quality of steel wool. You'll want to use a very light contact with steel wool until it has discovered how dirty is dirty or furniture. Long accumulation of wax is part of the problem. Allow the furniture to dry. There are other mixtures and solutions available on the market.

2. Step of wood oil, lemon oil

Once the furniture is dry. Do not worry, it may seem that stole all colors, this will depend on the type of finish and type of wood. Take all the oil furniture ... no stuff here, most everything is good. Start oiling wood. Usually put the oil in a bowl and paint on wood, soak it. You might have to do it several times. Once you have a uniform wood finish that is ready for the next step look. The lemon oil you buy at the grocery store will work ... and I even used Old English.

Step 3. Steel wool (thin)

Mount all the wood with fine steel wool, this will take down all the uneven places and get the wood ready for the next step.

4. Step of tug oil

Now you have a piece of wood furniture very hydrated. You'll want to seal it so that it stays for a long time. My choice is Bahr Stung Oil, but you can not get this product without a special order. Assemble the furniture with stung oil, a light coat work here. Leave this set for about six hours and repeat. Prefer stung oils without dryer. Read the label on the box of stung oil and see if it is natural, ok if you have the Arabia wax in it.

Stung oil is the best way to take care of furniture, it can be used in almost all cases. No harmful fumes to breathe. I used it for years hand rubbed finishes.

Step furniture 5. Waxing

This last step goes against almost all furniture refinisher. There is a very good reason for this, the wax makes the stripper does not work, and that is the only reason.

WAX your furniture, there's a trick here, if you use a spray wax, be sure and polish OUT. By this I mean make sure that not only spray and lightly rubbed on .... really the best, this will prevent accumulation on the furniture.


Now you know how to clean, oil and furniture seal, wax several times a year and your furniture will give you a lifetime of use and can be passed down to generations.

I have restored and finished furniture for the last 20 years, I made my animation to make this chapel. I taught this same concept in adult education classes and in my store. Everyone always amazed by the results and money you save by cleaning and restoring and not repainting.

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