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The Initial Stages to Painting Kitchen Cabinets ~ How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Painting your kitchen Cabinetry is always not that difficult a job. It does not always require having a pro get your job done. The job can well be done without the actual touch of a pro, just by you. All you need to know in this case is the right properties required and the most specific advice that you can get.


Before you actually start painting your kitchen cabinets, ensure that you have all the knowledge required. For this you can go on and grab some advice from the pro. In this case, if possible you can take one of your doors to your local painter and discuss the procedures. Specific advice, in regards to your project can only be delivered by the pros in the job.

Priming Options

Variance in surfaces creates the variances in priming options. Metal, wood and laminate will actually have different priming options in regards to their change in surface. A dark or stained surface can actually cause the finish to "bleed" that is being visible over the top coat. Also it is only the pro who can suggest you with the base of the primer, whether it is water-borne or solvent- borne.

The right paint

You will always have options between alkyd paint and acrylic enamel paint. Both of these will invite you in equally. But the choices have to be made. While acrylic will be low fume and easy to clean up, just with water; alkyd paints are oil-base. Alkyd options will need mineral spirits for clean-up, while making way for a durable and hard finish to the paint. No matter what you use, make sure your paint offers a lasting finish.

Drawers, shelves and doors

The first step to painting kitchen cabinets would be the removal of all the accessories from the cabinet. Whatever you might be opting for, the best quality paint can actually offer you better finish. Your choice of a brush should be one that levels on the marks to the brush as the paint tends to dry. The set-up to it is fairly quick, leading to blending the brushstrokes easier.
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The Initial Stages to Painting Kitchen Cabinets ~ How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

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