Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cabinet Refinishing

Refacing can offer several advantages to the homeowner:
1-Less construction mess
2-Less expense than replacement cabinets
3-Wide selection of cabinet styles and finishes
4-Decorative doors, storage racks, and hardware are available
5-Time-savings, most installations are finished in about a week.

Do It Yourself

This is an option not only for people who are in very tight budget, but also to those who want to make use of their hidden artistry. Of all options, this is obviously the cheapest. However, this requires thorough research in terms of procedure, materials, gathering of measurements, canvassing of prices and other related stuff. Without proper research about the dos and don'ts of cabinet refacing, you will still most likely fail in your goal to spend less. Most probably, if you make a wrong turn in the process, you would most likely spend more than the original plan. Research and a few interviews to those who have more experience are really everything when you plan on venturing a DIY project.

Cabinet Refinishing
Cabinet refinishing, as the name suggests, involves updating just the cabinet finish, without door replacement or veneering. Cabinet doors should be removed prior to the refinishing process. Refinishing projects usually include; cleaning, stripping, painting, and/or re-staining. Cabinet refinishing can also include faux finishing or decorative painting. Special paint textures and effects can be applied to kitchen cabinets to give them a new look and feel.


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