Monday, August 26, 2013

How to Reface Kitchen Cabinets

How to Reface Kitchen Cabinets
The question of how to cover kitchen cabinets can not be answered in one article. I mean there are so many facets of this business, as it requires a great book full of pictures and tutorials to guide you through.

That said, do read this review to the end, as it will be very useful for starters. I know that for you.

The age determine how reface cabinets

The first thing that affects the project is the age of the cabinets. This has a direct influence on its ease of use. Age also determines how you can go about removing the paint. For example older cabinets tend to have lead paint, which is dangerous to humans. That means scrapping with sandpaper can be dangerous.

The material used

Next, you must determine the materials to be used. Some of the options available are oak, maple and cherry to name a few. Here is the secret plots face plate to match the doors and plastic laminates. Here is birch or maple raised panel doors and then all the honey with a similar color stain is lighter.

One thing about Birch is that many people do not use it, as it tends to deform after cutting. If you then consider to use only paint pictures with Windsor Birch Greenland and then go honey cherry raised panel doors.

You can also go with a light silver maple. Try maple soft white North. But if you want something lighter and then go hard maple. I like how he handles maple is stained and finished.

Another tip on how to rectify kitchen cabinets

Consider the use of heat sensitive adhesive to the edges of the tray. It really takes a lot longer. Besides using 1/4 "thick wood for the edges of shelves and cabinets.

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